Fifty year old Bruning Grain and Feed Co., Inc. has been serving mid-west beef and dairy producers by blending their feed for years. Demand for those services has recently brought about the addition of a new 10,000 square foot commodity blending facility. Construction on the new blending facility began in June and production started November 1, 2001. This state-of-the-art blending facility is capable of mixing a variety of commodity feedstuffs. This, in addition to the ability to purchase commodities in large volumes, allows us to pass the savings on to the producers. Flexibility in ration formulation leads to greater productivity.  


 Available Ingredients: 


        * Single Rolled Corn                     * Dairy Premix                       * Biotin

         * Double Rolled Corn                   * Altosid                               *TCD 

        * 750 Micron Corn                        * Bi - Carb                           * Rumensen

         * OptiPro Soybean Meal               * Bovatec                            * Salt

         * OptiPro Soybean Oil                  * Calcium (Limestone)          * Tylan

         * Dry Distillers Grains                    * CTC                                 * Vitamin A

         * Soybean Hull Pellets                   * Di - Cal                             * Yeast

                                                              * Magnesium - Oxide            * Zinpro



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